Doron Morell – Attorney at law, owner of an independent law firm in Tel Aviv. Areas of specialization: criminal law, including White Collar offences, "Blue Collar" offences and more in various courts.
Morell also is an expert in torts: personal injury cases emphasis on serious accidents, high handicaps, medical malpractice and more. Morell up year long experience of 23 years of court  appearances, negotiation, mediation, military tribunals.
Morell also qualified to practice law in New York State in the United States. Served before in the district attorney's office of Tel Aviv. Previously served on several committees: the Supreme Court committee and the Committee for the Public Defender near the Tel Aviv District Bar Association. Morell was Born in Israel, lives in Tel-Aviv, LL.B. from Faculty of Law in Tel Aviv University and B.A and M.A of Tel Aviv University in Political Sciences. Moreover, he taught in academic settings. Lieutenant  Colonel in the Air Force (Reserves). Father to four children.

The firm has been active since 1993, led by Doron Morell, who holds the license to practice law in Israel and New York, with experience and professional knowledge in the criminal law and torts.


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